2022 Spring & Summer Tryouts

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Saturday November 20th

9:00am - 8u - 9u - 10u

10:15am - 11u - 12u - 13u

11:30am - 14u - 15u - 16u - 17u - 18u

Sunday November 21st

9:00am - 8u - 9u - 10u

10:15am - 11u - 12u - 13u

11:30am - 14u - 15u - 16u - 17u - 18u


Make Up Monday November 22nd

6:00pm - 8u - 9u - 10u - 11u - 12u - 13u

7:00pm - 14u - 15u - 16u - 17u - 18u





Putting players in college for over 18 years makes BLBA the longest active baseball organization in Central Texas. 

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For the last 12 years Buzz Lightning Baseball Academy has been 100% successful in giving our Seniors a chance to sign and play College Baseball if they so choose. From D1,D2,D3,JUCO, or NAIA. We are looking for players with a passion for the game and a work ethic to match. We will provide excellent intruction at every age level and our coaches will work hard to make your son a better ball player, but we will work just as hard to make every player a better young man. If your dream is to continue to play at the next level Buzz Lightning Baseball Academy is the place that can get you there!

If you are still looking for a team please contact Sandy Shofner @ 254-709-3664 or Caleb Shofner @ 254-709-2726 or Marc George @ 254-717-4854  or Gary Robken @254-855-0580 for private work out.


All tryouts or individual tryouts will be held at the Waco Facility at the corner of 65th and Tennyson.


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