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Important Dates:

May 16th - BLBA Multi-Family Garage Sale

2016 College Committed:

Jace Embry - Baylor - P

Tanner James - Texas A&M - 1B

2015 College Committed:

Patrick Morrow - Hill College - P

Daylan McWhorter - Hill College - SS

Nate Moenning - Union University - P

Dalton Blake - McMurray - 3rd

Blake Lewis - SAGU

Jack Aydellote - McCook

2014 College Signings:

Zac Law- Tampa Bay Rays - OF

Garrett Fisher - Stephen F. Austin- OF

Clayton Davis - Brookhaven College-P

Bret Mathis- Texas Tech- P

Jared Maybin - SAGU - OF

Justin Harvey - SAGU - P

Sam Weston - UT Dallas - INF

CJ Collins - SAGU - P

Jake Payonk - SAGU - C

Blake Bottoms - Temple JC - P

Collin Sharp - MCC - P

Dylan Drgac - Texas Luthran - OF

Jason McCintosh - Witchata State - OF

Bobby Strahan- Hill - OF

Lane Willenborg - Hill - P


2013 College Signings:

Steven Boggess - UMHB - OF

Nathan Kent - Hill College - Pitcher

Zach Compton- E.TX Baptist Univ.- SS

Zach Sullivan-Texas State - INF

Dillon Popp- NCTC(Gainsville)-Pitcher

Cameron Pinchback- Hill College- INF

Jared Walton- Hill College-Pitcher

Drew Grimes- Hill College- Pitcher

Ben Kennedy- Texas- Catcher

Quincy Clements- Hill College-Pitcher

Cullen Mayhew - McHenry Community College - INF

Tres Ortiz - Texas Wesleyan - Pitcher

Evan Eubanks - University of Dallas - INF


2012 College Signings:

Cole Hill - Hill College - Catcher

Justin Walton- Galveston(2012), Hill College(2013)- Pitcher

Hunter Abbe - Baylor - Pitcher

Caleb Davidson - Hill College - INF

Greg Greene - Eastfield College - SS

Felix Marbury - Texas College - OF

Tyler Linderman - Texas Wesleyan - Pitcher

Hunter Melton - Texas A&M - Pitcher / INF

Zach Brashear - Temple College(2011)/Texas A&M(2012)- Pitcher

Ty Morgan - Richland College- Infield

Hunter Mayo - Hill College - Pitcher

Emery Atkisson - SFA - Infield

James Crow - McMurry University - Pitcher

Mikey Bielamowicz - UMHB - Catcher


The Buzz Lightning Baseball Academy is a highly competitive baseball organization in Waco, Texas. We believe in dedicated players who want to raise their game to the next level. All teams are coached by former college players and coaches. For more information please contact Sandy Shofner @ 254-709-3664 or email shof4150@cs.com

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