BLBA Nutrition Program

Fueling for Athletic Performance
The USDA recommends 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies per day.
7 portions at minimum for Athletes (5 vegetables + 2 fruit) per day!

Nutrition, sleep and hydration have the biggest impact on YOUR athletic performance.
• Fats = keep you full longer, decrease inflammation, avoid 1-2 hours before activity
• Protein = repair & rebuild; breakfast-eggs, lunch-turkey wrap, dinner-chicken breast
• Simple Carbs = light snack between or right after; instant energy; PB&J, white rice
• Complex Carbs = breakfast early before game or after game to recover; extended energy all day; sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal/quinoa

Before Game: Timing is crucial, provide enough energy - excess will cause focus on digestion.
3-4 hours before = well balanced meal with complex carbs + lean protein + healthy fat
• Whole Grains: Oatmeal, whole wheat pasta/bread, brown rice
• Lean Protein = Skinless Chicken/turkey, lean beef, Protein shakes
• Healthy Fat = Nuts/nut butter, olive oil, avocado, seeds (chia & flax included)
1-2 hours before = familiar foods high in easily digestible carbs with low fat, fiber & protein
• Simple sugars: Fruit, pretzels, applesauce, white rice
• Skinless Chicken/turkey, lean beef, low-fat/fat-free Greek yogurt

Snacks In between: Familiar & easily digestible. You want higher carbs & protein, less fat.
• Light snack = off day. Fresh/frozen/dried fruit & veggies, graham crackers, Greek yogurt
• Moderate snack = 1 game day. Apple & string cheese, graham crackers with nut butter, trail mix, sunflower seeds (watch salt), popcorn, jerky, veggies & hummus, smoothie
• Heavy Snack = similar to a mini meal, between games on multiple game day. PB&J, deli meat with veggies, tuna, cheese & crackers, omelet, quinoa with fruit

After Game: Consume asap after activity. Eat to refuel, repair & rehydrate.
• Plenty of fluids
• Carbs: Fruit (banana, oranges, kiwi, apples, dried fruit) easy right away + complex carbs to refuel in the hours after
• Protein: Peanuts, sunflower seeds (watch salt). PB&J, lean meat sandwich on whole-wheat bread with lettuce & tomatoes

Avoid on Game Days:
• Not planning ahead – be prepared: small and lunch/heavy snack in bag
• Dehydration – pack extra water; avoid sodas, energy drinks & high sugared sports drinks
• Nutrient lacking food: Sweets (candy, donut)
• High Fat or Protein intake before activity

Athlete Ambassadors for these Plant Powders

WINTER VINECKI is a marathon runner, triathlete, and aerial skier. She’s used JP+ since childhood. Her father’s death from prostate cancer at 9 inspired her to create a nonprofit and raise over $500,000. She began racing triathlons at 5 and competed her first Olympic triathlon at 9. She’s the youngest person to complete a marathon in Antarctica (14) and to complete a marathon on all 7 continents. She became Ironkids National Champion in 2010 & 2011. She joined the US Ski Team in 2016 after winning the NorAm Tour. This is her 5th year with sights set on 2022 Winter Olympics.

ZANE GROTHE holds several U.S. swimming records and has used JP+ since he was 10. He formerly swam at Auburn while studying Aerospace Engineering. “I did not always understand the importance of proper nutrition” “Through the guidance of my mother, as well as firsthand experience training as an athlete, I’ve learned how my diet affects both my physical and mental performance.”


JASON FOWLER was a nationally ranked amateur motocross racer by age 10. At 17, he collided with a rock while practicing and was paralyzed chest down. Six months later he was competing in wheelchair racing. “One of the more powerful lessons that I have learned that continues to guide my life is when you never give up and give 110 percent enlightened effort, the impossible becomes possible.” He’s competed in 30 marathons and 2 Ironman’s finishing 2nd in 2008 and 1st in 2009, holding 2 World Championship Titles.


RICKY PROEHL is a Two-time Super Bowl winner. He has been a Juice Plus+ customer for 10+ years. He had a health epiphany towards the end of his football career. “I learned fairly late on that I needed to put the very best nutrients into my body that would give me the best possible chance of success.”


SOLOMON SIMMONS is a US Olympic Decathlete. He is a 6x All Academic All-American, 2-time National Silver Medalist in 2018 and 2019, U23 NACAC Silver Champion in 2014 and 8th IAAF World Championship in 2019.

The JP+ Company has been the exclusive nutritional supplement partner of USA Volleyball since 2019. “Our national team athletes are amongst the best in the world," - USA Volleyball CEO Jamie Davis. “They train hard every day and travel the world racking up countless miles representing and winning medals for our country. We are excited to partner with Juice Plus+ to provide them with plant-based nutritional supplements which will improve their performance as well as enhance their training and travel recovery.”

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