High School - Head Coach: McWhorter

2024 Summer Roster - Parents meeting December 10th at 1:00pm Hewitt VFW 725 Sun Valley Blvd. Hewitt

J. Langford

B. Ivy                                        G. Sandoff

C. Thornton                             T. McAlister

E. Woten                                  K. Willis

A. Trevino                                 J. McNamara

A Cisneros                                W. Ruth

H. Kolb                                      J. Suarez


If you are on this roster and have not yet registered, you need to do that now so we can assign you to a team by clicking here - https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/405306/signups/new



If you are still looking for a team please contact Sandy Shofner @ 254-709-3664 or Marc George @ 254-717-4854

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